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Singing for health vs our culture

By Rose-ellen Kemp
It has been proven that solo and group singing is a healthy activity, not just for self-esteem but for social well-being too. "SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOU" exclaimed a leaflet I received from the British Voice Association. Those of us who have done lots of it would claim this is common sense but some scientists have helped us prove it for those who haven't. Speaking of those who haven't...

It seems, these days, that every time someone dares to utter but a single phrase from a popular song, a desk will suddenly sprout from nowhere and between three and four almost entirely unqualified people will just plonk themselves down behind it and commence to light up large red 'X' signs and furiously judge a human's worthiness to perform a perfectly healthy and natural bodily function based on what could only be described as entirely arbitrary and subjective parameters. (*breath*) I don't even mean just on TV, I've seen it happen in Asda! No rea…

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